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5 Ways To Stay Out Of LinkedIn Group Posting Jail When Promoting Your Next Event and More

Posted on February 12, 2015 at 3:35 PM

Are you now or has your LinkedIn account ever been in 'moderation mode?' If so, a lesson learned. Yet, one time can be enough to throw your event promotions off schedule.


You, your company/organization has an event coming up and you can't contain the excitement to start spreading the news. You put in the research, the planning, the time and much brain power it takes to plan an event and you want the world to know. You deserve for the world to know. BUT, LinkedIn wants you to 'spread the news' under their terms and rightfully so. Terms being “do it without being spammy or too invasive.” Although it is important to have your intentions in the right place (and I know you do) sharing the news can be done without the restrictive penalties that you could suffer post – posting. With some extra effort and keeping track of where and when you post to LinkedIn groups your true intentions will not be seen as 'for your own benefit' and no real value to others. Although your event when reaching the right people IS value and getting the word out early, often and consistently is imperative.


Stay out of LinkedIn Group posting Jail




#1 Post the event under the PROMOTIONS TAB. If you just drop your news into the discussion thread be prepared for another member of the group to 'flag' it and/or the manager of the group to do the same. This is where your posting privileges get SWAM'ed.


Keeping Track


#2 Create a spreadsheet: 2 columns. 1) Name of group 2) This is where you mark an X that you have already posted there. It doesn't take much time (Hint: alt + tab allows you to flip back and forth between screens). With a fast mark of an X next to the column of the group allows you to reference quickly. Sure, you can go into each group, check your most recent activity and see from there if you've posted your event. But, the spreadsheet method (for me that is) is more efficient and a great tracking system. See a simple sample at bottom of post.


Spread The News Over Time


#3 Don't promote the same event (again, under the promotions tab) to all of your groups on the same day. It's simply too much for your connections to see coming through your feed in one day. Spread it out. You have your spreadsheet in place. Choose several groups at a time over a course of time leading up to the event.


Vary Site Links


#4 Add image variety: You will notice if you use the same link from the site where the event details are stored the same image appears. When possible, choose difference page links; hence, in most cases a different image with appear with your update.


Don't Dump and Go


#5 Lastly, enjoy the ability to enter a number of relevant groups and post your event update! However, by all means spend a moment in the group to like an interesting article, a comment and/or share another members update. The group manager will notice if you just pop in, dump your event news and leave.


Just a few ideas that have worked for me when promoting a clients upcoming event. Okay, so now the event is in the eyes of group members. Now what!




Moving away from blatant posting of the event to adding additional value and benefits related to the event– the benefit of why people should attend the event.


This is where casual, genuine posting can occur within the discussion area of the LinkedIn Groups that relates to your organization, company etc. W/O discussing the event.


General Posting To Bring In Leads


Pull the great content (blog post, recent Ezine, industry stats, guest articles) and link from the site where the event details are hosted. Use this content as the lead to generate traffic to the site; therefore, to the event.


Don't Be Salesy – Be Genuine


Here's an example post update that's genuine but with a twist to bring your event to the eyes of the reader who chooses to click the link:


A colleague wrote a great article published in our most recent Ezine about 3 Ways To Give Your Services For Free Without Jeopardizing Your Bottom Line. Here's the link and while you're there you may want to check out other articles from industry experts in our like professions as well. Let me know if you would like to contribute to our next quarterly Ezine. Would love to hear from you!


Hope this article has been helpful when promoting your next event within LinkedIn Groups. This is just the tip of the iceberg but it will spread your event news when correctly targeted groups are chosen.


Need help narrowing down the groups on LinkedIn or promoting your upcoming event? Let me know! There is nearly 2.1M groups on LinkedIn just waiting for members, discussion and great content. Remember, promote early and consistently! Staying on top of mind of your target audience.



Carla Deter is the founder of Socially Your Virtual Assistant/Consultant, located in the Washington, DC area. Her ‘solutions not services’ include supporting small business owners, entrepreneurs, associations, attorneys, realtors, busy executives with events promotions and more. Recently she was quoted by The Consultant Network based in London, England about 10 Ways You Can Get More from Your LinkedIn profile. Carla is a LinkedIn Profile/Resume Writer for DC based company, LinkedIn Profile Services LLC. Carla can be found on LinkedIn and Twitter: @fxvacarlad as well as contacted at


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12 Simple Ways To Stay Engaged On LinkedIn

Posted on February 12, 2015 at 3:35 PM

Sunday is Golden!


Choose 5 now and see how your overall engagement increases. Let me know in the comments how it goes.


Note: Mix it up daily!

1.Today, I will like/comment to five (5) of my connections posts

2.Today, I will share a few posts that I particular like and find of great value

3.Today, I will look at ‘who you may know’ (LinkedIn suggestions) and request connections

4.Today, I will enter a couple of my groups and add my insight to a question or article

5.Today, I will go to my connections tab and wish someone a happy birthday or a congrats on a new position

6.Today, I will update my status with another’s great content found on LinkedIn or another platform

7.Today, I will respond to a couple messages (that are not deemed spam) with a thank you or no thank you

8.Today, I will share a helpful article with your favorite group in LinkedIn

9.Today, I will purposely seek to give honest, constructive feedback to an opinion I may not necessarily agree with

10.Today, I will use the endorsements feature to increase my visibility by endorsing others

11.Today, I will give a recommendation to another I have worked with or who has positively influenced me professionally

12.Today, I will write an article that does not promote myself – but offers insight as to who I am as a person personally and professionally. Be human!


Event promotions across LinkedIn is not so difficult. Yes, it takes time to work a plan but it's worth it in the end - not only for attendee registrations but also ROI.


If you have an event coming up and need to spread the word to targeted members of LinkedIn (300+million) let me know. Where else do you have a platform of (I'll say it again) 300 plus million professionals ready to learn about your industry event.


10 Largest Groups On LinkedIn

Posted on April 30, 2014 at 11:40 AM

At the time of this post, there are 1,955,399 LinkedIn groups. Now, that's a lot of groups. How do you find the group you are looking for?

Your LinkedIn group strategy is different than another's and finding the largest groups of a specific type may be your goal.

The targeted searches of groups is strategic and very possible to do. First, know your search criteria. You will get an abundance of groups matching your key words. Most cases searches are listed by the number of members in the group.

What groups are you looking for today that will move your business forward. Groups offer a super large reach of people. People you need for your business. The other advantage of being a member of groups is this: You can invite group members to connect! This is without knowing their email address etc. Simply choose I know (we know) each other because we are members in a mutual group. Now, that's some strategy you can use.

Here is the 10 largest groups on LinkedIn. Sorry, not clickable. Happy group searching.

Thanks for visiting! ~ Carla, Socially Your Virtual Assistant


Digital Dining: 10 Social Media Platforms Restaurants Are Using To Drive ROI

Posted on March 4, 2014 at 6:50 AM

Why Your Restaurant Business Should Be Using Social Media


Scenerio #1 You own a newly formed restaurant in a prime location within your city. The locals are coming in to dine once a week; however, you want to expand your dining cuisine to the numerous conventions, conferences and business trips made to your area. Go social.

Scenerio #2 Your current customers rave to you about the excellent service, the deliciously prepared food and the atmosphere. Ask your customers to write a review (virtually).

Scenerio #3 Spring has sprung and you recently renovated to include an outdoor dining experience. Announce it.

Scenerio #4 You offer specialty dishes that will attract a specific targeted group. Be seen as a restaurant with specialty dishes.

Digital Dining and Your Restaurant Success



Infographic courtesy of Digital Dining

Making the most of your social media presence

Social media is one of today’s growing platforms where businesses build social relationships with customers, prospects and fans. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube are among the most popular social networking platforms that enable you to share the story of your business, coming events and your restaurant’s services including your latest offers. Since these sites have the most number of users, making the most of your presence by posting and sharing your current menu as well as your best-sellers with their millions of users is definitely worth the time and effort. The best thing about these social media channels is that they always offer innovative ways for businesses to interact and listen to customers’ feedback and concerns. In other words, it is the perfect medium for engaging customers and your online audience. Make sure your website integrates with these social networking platforms.

Did you know there is a Restaurant Social Media Index ?

The Restaurant Social Media Index is designed to provide learning that will help restaurants become more robust and effective in their use of social media, digital content and brand development.

What are some other ways you use social media to promote your restaurant? What has worked or hasn’t worked for you? Do you believe infographics are useful for restaurant-preneurs?

Providing Online Solutions to Restaurants, Realtors, All Small Business, Independents and more. Contact me at:


QR Codes: Here, There and Everywhere

Posted on December 9, 2013 at 3:25 PM

This post is intended for newbies in the QR Code world; however, some creative ideas can certainly be useful for all. 

Since 2011 QR Code’s and what can be done with them has been endless. Think creative. If you’re not familiar with them here is a quick scoop of what a QR code is and what it does: 

•Stands for Quick Response Codes

•Like a retail bar code

•Stores a lot of information

•Some techy facts about QR Codes

•A pixel bar code that is scanned by a smartphone’s camera

•To be able to read it requires a QR code application on your smart phone 


When scanned the viewer may see a video, contact information, personal message, a website or an unlimited other creative material. Get creative and come up with the material that will ‘WOW’ your clients.

What to include in your QR Code:


Where to put your QR Code:

Think exposure, think everywhere possible, think how can you leave it after dining at a restaurant, attending a conference, etc. Have non-stick cards made (square preferably to stand out from a business card.)


Sites that offer QR Codes generation services: 

There are many out there, but the key is finding the right one for your needs. Some things to look for when choosing a QR code generator are whether you can track and analyze performance, if it allows you to design a code that is unique to your brand, and if it is compatible with common QR code readers. Although there are many other options out there, here are three to consider checking out.

Kawya: With Kawya you can customize your design for free, and the paid version allows you to track performance. The codes can link to a web page, text, SMS , or phone numbers. Also free with an option for paid premium service, this generator allows you to “read” to text, URL, phone number, SMS, or vCard. 

Microsoft Tag: The cool thing about Microsoft Tag versus many other generators is the ability to have a color QR code rather than just black and white. It's also free for all services, including limited analysis of people viewing and going to the tagged item.

I hope this information was helpful. Get your QR Code today and keep a QR Code Card with you at all times. 

Find Carla on Twitter @fxvacarlad and" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">G+